What are QR Codes?

QR codes (or quick response codes) are a type of 2D bar code technology that can be decoded using a smartphone (and some mobile phones) with a QR code reader installed.

QR codes began their life in Japan as a method to track auto parts. Today QR codes can be seen on marketing materials such as movie posters, bus ads, billboards, newspaper ads, business cards, flyers and other everyday things.

There are two main things that you have to have when you deal with QR codes:

  1. A mobile phone with a camera and Internet connectivity
  2. A QR code reader application

Where do I get a QR code reader?

Many smartphones coming out nowadays have a QR code reader already installed or you can easily download and install a reader from your phone’s app store. Try searching for ‘QR code reader’ or ‘QR code scanner’.

How do you scan the QR code?

After you have your reader installed, fire up the application and snap a picture of the QR code.  Make sure that your hand is steady and that you are able to include the whole code into the picture.  There will be some instances when the scan would fail, do not worry, just keep on snapping.

Resolving the Link

Depending on what QR Code reader software you are using, it could take five to thirty seconds for your application to resolve the link for you and take you to the website in your browser.  Your reader needs to decode the information written behind the QR code.

If it is a VCF card, a file that contains a person’s contact information, it will offer to save the information into your address book.


You don’t have to be a business owner in order to benefit from the emerging QR code technology. However, if you ARE a businessperson, it is an incredibly versatile and cost effective technology that is available to you.

Anyone can use a QR code generator for free and have a QR code to help promote their website, blog, social media profile, specific product pages or their your own personal Facebook/social networking sites.

It also acts as a business card. Some people are already beginning to generate a QR Code and printing them onto their business cards too.

With QR Codes, it simply means that you now have a bridge between your offline product with online information.  The separation between the two is now blurred.  What’s more, with mobile phones like smart phones, you can get connected to anything that is online, no matter where you go.

Top 4 Reasons why you should care about QR Codes…

  1. In 2011, there were an estimated 8 million smart phones in Canada and millions more around the world.  Plus, simple mobile phones that have Java capability are now able to get a QR code reader.  There is an audience for QR codes that is just waiting to be tapped!
  2. QR codes are FREE to generate and use. You can easily get your own QR code and embed these to your promotional materials, business cards, company letterheads and merchandise.  What’s more,  it is easier to deploy QR code strategies and measure their effectiveness than traditional marketing and Internet marketing combined.
  3. You are not limited in terms of length, size and space.  Traditional advertising works on limits.  You pay for additional airtime, additional advertising space, additional newspaper columns.  But fixing a QR code to your advertisement, you are literally limitless in the amount of information you can include in your ad.
  4. More and more people are getting on the Web through their mobiles.  Global mobile data traffic has steadily been increasing with the advent of wireless connectivity, high speed Internet and Internet-enabled mobile phones.

How do I get a QR code?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to create and implement QR codes for business or visit a site that generates QR codes such as QRStuff.com or Kaywa’s QR Code Generator.