Content – Going Beyond the Website

It can sometimes be a small battle to convince our clients that they need to really think about a strategy for their online content. I often warn them that producing the content on their own (or with the help of a copyright editor) can be the hardest, most time consuming part of managing a website project.

The good news is that most of the companies I work with these days are really thinking about what should be included in their online content. Many of the more successful project I work on already have a content strategy in place before web design even begins.

Producing quality online content has become even more important as regular updates to websites, newsletters and social media are becoming the norm and search engines are always hungry for new content.

We believe a web design company can help with delivering online content in the following ways:

  • Help develop your content strategy for your website and beyond … into the social media world of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Set-up and customize your Facebook Page, Twitter account or LinkedIn Group.
  • Develop a scaled down mobile version of your site that has the content mobile users want and need (with a prominent link to your full website).
  • Set-up your website with a content management system (CMS) / blogging solution to make regularly updating your website’s content a breeze.
  • Set-up a newsletter template that matches your website branding, build a campaign and import your contact list with a service like Constant Contact, Mailchimp or your own custom newsletter system.
  • Recommend a copyright editor to turn your content into a single story to share with your online audience.