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5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Company Blog

Blogging is not for every business, but I’ve outlined 5 tips for your company to consider before starting your company blog.

1. Write blog posts, not ads.

A blog is not another marketing tool for you to advertise and self-promote. Blogs readers are usually looking to read about your experiences and insights, or even engage you in conversation – they generally tune out advertising. The most successful corporate blogs consistently provide valuable content to readers, not just information about current promotions. Before you start blogging, see what successful bloggers in your industry are doing right and then decide how you want to share your stories with readers.

2. Identify the best person to write your blog.

Deciding who should be the main author of your company’s blog does not have to be a major hurdle. If you sell a complex product or service where customers need guidance from an expert, try to find a way for one of your experts to do the writing. If your offering is simple, choose a blogger with personality and the ability to write in a conversational style, often. Sometimes the best person to write the blog is just someone in your company who’s passionate about social media.
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Content – Going Beyond the Website

It can sometimes be a small battle to convince our clients that they need to really think about a strategy for their online content. I often warn them that producing the content on their own (or with the help of a copyright editor) can be the hardest, most time consuming part of managing a website project.

The good news is that most of the companies I work with these days are really thinking about what should be included in their online content. Many of the more successful project I work on already have a content strategy in place before web design even begins.

Producing quality online content has become even more important as regular updates to websites, newsletters and social media are becoming the norm and search engines are always hungry for new content.

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